Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Integration of workflow, rules and monitoring in compute cloud

This is what I have planned to describe long ago, but didn't due to many reasons. While working with provisioning workflows in virtualized environments (we had only Xen in 2005), I have seen a need to separate workflows and rules, so it is easy to maintain business logic. 
Take a look at sequence diagram below:

It describes transaction from capturing event from sensor network (in this case gmond metrics) and executing arbitrary code in response to specified condition.


Anonymous said...

The diagram is too small to read, perhaps you forgot to link to the fullsize version?

Niko said...


Which workflow engine are you using right now ?
And, yes it'd be nice to have a bigger picture.

Unknown said...

@yanic, nico:
I'll try to add full-size image

the one used in 2005 was jbpm

Yanic said...

Ah, much better.

But I see you're not using the notation correctly. The kind of arrows you use is important and the way it is now can not work.

If you think it is important enough to fix, here's a quick introduction to UML sequence diagrams that you may find helpful.

Or you could use a sequence diagram editor that guarantees a correct diagram (30s demo).

You could use the fully functional trial version, send me the file and I'll send you back an exported image without watermark for use in your blog.

Best of luck!

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