Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Setting Up Windows 2008 in Virtual Box

Synopsis: This article describes how to setup networking and activation in Microsoft Windows 2008 Server Std running under VitualBox.

If you have installed Windows 2008 Server and can't pass activation step, this howto is for you.

Algorithm - short description:

1. Run explorer.
2. Get VirtualBox Guest Additions installed.
3. Install Network Driver from VirtualBox cdrom disk and reboot.
4. Activate Windows.

Detailed description:

For step 1 read and use this article

Step 2 is fairly easy - just click 'Install ...' option in dropdown of VirtualBox and inside guest os accept autorun option.

Step 3 is as easy as updating driver and pointing to CDROM drive with VirtualBox guest additions directory called something like amd_net

Step 4 might require reboot and then just follow screen instructions.

At this point you should have Windows 2008 server running under VirtualBox.

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Anonymous said...

Step 3 was the missing link to bring win2k on the net.

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