Wednesday, February 28, 2007

EC2 Amazon - QEMU Windows Images

Recently I've succeeded to run Microsoft Windows Server 2003 on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. That was done by running it under Qemu (read more on it). I've used trial version of windows, to be safe from legal point of view (though I'm not a lawyer) and ran installation procedure, which led to working copy of OS, available for remote administration. It was released for public
as freely available Amazon Machine Image (read more on it).

Some people were asking to create AMI image with MSSQL server or Oracle etc, but I've got an idea to create a repository of Qemu images (an analog of VMware appliances), so that you can have base Qemu image and different overlays for various install layouts. This would save space and traffic, as well as decrease installation time considerably.

Currently I'm waiting on response to my registration at SourceForge. If they allow hosting of this repository, I'll put my images there and place a link to it here.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome idea! I'm currently trying to setup QUemu on my debian instance and this would definately save time and money ($0.10 / hour) :-)

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